The pyramid at Giza’s got nothing on this baby! OK, well I could be wrong to all the Pyramid at Giza lovers out there (including me!) I just think this is a great image to look at daily if you’re trying to do better for yourself and/or your loved ones on the nutritional tip! Thank you VEGANatural for sharing this.


Taking the leap towards veganism is not an easy feat. You need self-control, planning, patience and a brilliant food processor!

I renounced all animal products 20 months ago and haven’t regretted it once, not even for a split second. I’ve experimented with all the different types of eating plant based foods, from raw vegan to junk food vegan to soy vegan to healthy vegan. I have finally found a good balance that works for my body and lifestyle. 

I am all for the premise that we all need to go on own journey to find what works best for us. But I’d like to help you along the way. So I’ve come up with a few food items that are ALWAYS on my shopping list, and I simply would not be able to live without. OK maybe I could, but I’d be really depressed 😉

I’m not one of those super rich hippies…

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2 thoughts on “Veganecessities

  1. I have tried since I was a teenager to eat as a vegetarian and have done fairly well. I became really serious about it in the last few years. I do eat eggs though. Now if I can just remember not to buy leather shoes and purses! I actually had to return those items that I accidentally bought last week. 😦


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