On Meeting Robin Williams, Twice in a Lifetime

Robin Williams memories

As a remembrance to one of the greatest comedic minds of our times… R.I.P., Robin W.

I only just learned he passed. I found the news on a blog post and instantly recalled the two times I met the incredibly gifted artist, named Robin Williams.

The first instance was a chance meeting, me walking down an unassuming sidewalk at dusk stuck in my thoughts when a puppy jumped on my leg. I didn’t do much thinking, I simply bend down and started playing with him. The voice offering an apology was one I knew also without the use of my thinking apparatus, Robin Williams was saying sorry for his puppy… who couldn’t talk (I think!).

We actually talked for a few minutes, mostly about the puppy. I remember having the feeling he needed not to be recognized, but to be treated like a regular guy walking a friendly, cool puppy.  Talking on a city street as we were, it didn’t take long for the snowball effect of other people recognizing him even in the growing darkness to bloom. You know what he did next? He apologized again for having to leave! I told him it was OK, still not going the ‘star-tripping route’.

Robin Williams then did something I will never forget: He laughed at a parting joke I made, thanked me, and was gone into the night.

I met him again, oddly enough in a toy store. It was another instance of him trying to do what all regular folks do during Christmas, buy a gift or two for someone he loved. Being famous can make such a simple thing problematic. The customers who spotted him got pretty loud, on the verge of hysterics only his signing autographs would squelch.

The Robin Williams I met twice seemed to love people, but didn’t wear his fame well. I get the feeling the fame  asked too much of him… all the time.

He’ll be missed by millions… millions! Think of those kinds of numbers for a minute?

If doing what you love bought you that kind of fame… would you still be able to find your way to inner peace? happiness? love?

R.I.P., Robin. You done good, kid!

Update: I would be remiss if I didn’t add to this post a few of my favorite Robin Williams movies into this post

The Fisher King is a movie I saw at a big turning point in my life. I saw it with my friend Kevin in Germany(!) the night before I returned to the states. Funny as only Robin could be on film, poignant, and with a great ‘message’. Check it out if you’ve never seen it or need a reminder of Robin’s genius!

What Dreams May Come is a film that wore me out in its first forty-five or so minutes. A serious film about horrific loss and the spiritual redemption it can lead to. Again, I won’t give anything away just in case! Worth watching, just prepare yourself for the beginning…

K.L. © 2014

23 thoughts on “On Meeting Robin Williams, Twice in a Lifetime

    1. I agree, Keith. This one hurts especially because the memories I have of being in his presence are still so strong. At the same time, there’s something about his movie, ‘What Dreams May Come’ that leaves me with the feeling he’s at peace knocking ’em out in Heaven, while preparing for his next go-’round!

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  1. Wow 🙂 Thank you for putting the first smile on my face for the day and for sharing your story .I always highlighted Robin as one of my favourite actors and comedians and it´s so sad to find out that sometimes we´re so busy laughing at the clown so we miss the tears under the makeup . Hope you´re alright and surrounded by love / Simon ps. I like the new layout ❤


    1. Hey Simon, You’re welcomed! Glad I could bring a smile to you. He was amazing, such a brilliant light, but the nature of fame almost demands you have a few steel cables inside to deal with all the pressures it brings. I added a few links to a couple of my favorite Robin Williams movies as a reminder of how great his gift truly was/is! Also thanks for supporting the new layout! Hope all is well with you and your family, brother. One Love.


      1. Very true ,even superman sometimes needs to turn in his suit For dry cleaning and Walk around as an ordinary human .Robin Will forever be remembered For his work and as a person that brought us so many laugh.I’m fine ❤ ,hope u and your loved ones are as well .much love /Simon


    1. Really??? Thank you more than I can say! You know you’ve been in the presence of Greatness when you hear of their passing and instantly the memory of meeting them comes back full force. I knew then God was offering me something special and I know it now enough to cherish it forever.Thank you again for your comment!

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  2. Great memories you have from meeting Robin Williams, as well as of his movies. Thank you so much for sharing!
    The world has really lost a great man! What I loved about Robin Willams was that he wasn’t afraid to be unique and crazy in his roles. He always played them to the max. His characters were over the top and memorable.
    Rest in peace, Robin! We will never forget you! You will continue to make us smile and laugh trough all of your incredible movies!


    1. Wanna say thanks for the reblog! On this one in particular because I remember both those moments as if they were yesterday. He was indeed a beautiful soul. I do not doubt he is making ’em laugh out loud in Heaven!


    1. I’ve got no problem saying I wept like a baby during, ‘What Dreams May Come’. ‘Hook’ meanwhile had the opposite effect! Such a great film… both of them. Oh, and nice to meet you too!


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