A Father Calls a Son Home

Father Son Heaven Life Resurection

The Son rebels, but eventually realized his Father is right, it’s time to come Home.

I always look for more from my photographs. I seek meaning, ideas, additional possibilities in every one of my photos and the photography of others. This photograph is years old, but it took me revisiting it to see new things, new ideas buried in its colors and composition.

Top left? I see a Father, one with a voice capable of moving Heaven and Earth. He is confident, clear, ancient, realistic, loving yet tough.

Bottom right? I see a Son, in love with Life, wanting only to keep going, keep exploring, keep learning. This Son stumbles often, knows he is stumbling in his Father’s eyes, yet is too in love with Life not to keep going, keep dreaming, keep trying to be more… Himself.

A Father, A Son… both doing only what they have come here to do; be who they are…

A Father Calls His Son Home…

The Son protests, he stumbles, but eventually realizes… it is time…

to go Home.

© K.L. 2014 all rights reserved

4 thoughts on “A Father Calls a Son Home

    1. Thanks, Rajiv! A comment like that really does keep me going, especially on the days it seems there’s nothing left in the tank! You’ve got a great site as well! Keep up the fantastic work, my friend.


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