Nighttime Photography: Capturing Details and Colors

nighttime photography focus photo methods

When you get it right, nighttime photography captures all the details and colors.

It returned to our nighttime skies, that old Honey Moon. It showed up and I feel like I was definitely better prepared with my camera ‘tactics’ then last go ’round. Check that one out here

Prepared? What do I mean? Well, I napped before heading out this time! As mentioned in my first attempt, I am in love with the morning, I dig the night too, but I prefer the night for sleeping. A quick nap helped me focus and think about what I wanted to accomplish this time.

Oddly enough, this shot as you can see, does not possess any form of honey moon. Imagine looking up and to the left in this photo… where the guy by the rail is pointing his camera? (Did you spot him yet- of course you did!) The Honey Moon is right in front of his elbow-propped camera. Stabilizing your camera on your elbow by the way is a great idea if you don’t have a tripod.

With this shot, I’m pleased enough by the clarity, the colors, and mostly what happened to the streetlights, the glow effects and all… I did use a tripod, which in the long run is worth forking over the cash to get. One tip I got concerning tripod usage is this: If your camera has ‘image stabilizing’, turn it off while the tripod is doing its thing. With DSLRs, image stabilizing is handled by a motor running either from the camera body or the lens. Turning it off reduces possible shaking from either source. Cool huh?

I found this bit of stabilizing advice too. Check it here

Overall, I enjoyed a good night of shooting and learning. Do I want to do more evening shooting after this foray?

You betcha!

…to be continued!

K.L. © 2014

4 thoughts on “Nighttime Photography: Capturing Details and Colors

  1. Night photography is one of my favourites (next to macro, probably). The amount of play with lights, exposure, and time is endless, and the contrast between light sources and the darkness of night is so beautiful.

    This is a great shot — the photographer taking a picture of a photographer is clever. I only wish that clicking on the image would bring up an even larger size of it. I want to see all the awesome details huge on my screen, like the lines of the boardwalk planks and railing. Maybe I’m just greedy…


    1. Hey Tamirae, thanks for the comment! You are right, I may do a larger shot for the very reasons you mentioned. I’m also just getting acquainted with shooting at night. I learn something new every time and that’s a wonderful thing!


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