Nighttime Photography and Eerie Blue Lights!

night photography blue lights exposure settings

I initially focused my attention only on the exposure effects, then I noticed the BLUE LIGHT!

Another shot from the latest honey moon adventure. After taking more than a few moon shots, I turned to my surroundings and realized I was standing in a pretty cool setting. Nighttime street, few people- well there were tons of people many with their own cameras, but luckily they had either already got their shots or noticed I was trying to do the same and gave me a wide berth. (it could happen!)

This is one of the first shots born from that realization. Once I saw it, my attention stayed on the exposure effects, the light trails you get from speeding cars in particular; another first for me and my trusty Nikon.

Then I saw the BLUE LIGHT and my mind shut down! I fell on the sidewalk unable to focus on anything else. The camera slipped from my-

OK, that last bit was made up…but it could happen?

…could become a story too!

needless to say, I see more nighttime photography in my immediate future…

K.L. © 2014

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