Graphics: A Honey Moon Fantasy Quartet!

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sometimes we need to create our own version of things… in my case, HONEY MOONS!

Sometimes we anxiously wait for an event or situation to occur, only to have it under-perform our expectations. For those of you who have seen any of my previous posts concerning the infamous Honey Moon, you know I’ve gone through my waiting, my getting up past my bedtime, and otherwise doing what I could to prepare for these incredible celestial events.

Now where I’m please with the shots I managed to take as well as the simply fact I’ve been able to stay awake so late, I can’t say I’ve seen a Honey Moon in the sky which matched the fantasy version floating around in my head.

Here are a few links to my other posts on the topic!


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With that in mind, I decided to graphically create my own version, a quartet of them in scope, color, and size I imagine they should be. Constructed from a few of my earlier photos, I realize a moon this size would probably cause more harm than good. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to see it though!

We have one more Honey Moon coming our way next month,and I’ll be getting up one more time late at night (past my sleepy-time!) to get more shots…


It’s a great opportunity to keep learning, perfecting my technique of shooting the moon as well as night environments.

I won’t say I love being up late any more than I did back in June when I shot that month’s Honey Moon (the largest of the year!), but the education’s been absolutely worth it!

K’lee L. © 2014

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