Photography Experiments With Light and Shadows

bicycle road bike Giant portrait

experiments in light and shadows with my favorite bike! K’lee L.

Nice to be ‘back on the block’! Lots of running around of late, but these days, I’m also committed to learning as much of the ‘ins and outs’ of my Nikon (and photography in general) as possible, so I manage to fit in some camera love even when swimming in oceans of chaos! (OK, not really OCEANS OF CHAOS, like with monsters and evil magicians and- never mind…)

I’ve always loved photos highlighting light and shadow. I’m intrigued with the concept  of working with light and shadow possibilities; of making a shot into a much more complex creature!

Now, it’s important to mention light and shadow possibilities outdoors is different from shooting them indoors. Indoors offers opportunities for more immediate manipulation of the source, (additional lighting, candles, curtains…), while you can manipulate your outdoors source in a variety of ways, sunlight, moonlight and their relation to your subject are oftentimes variables beyond our control. 

This photo, of my beloved Giant, helmet, and shoes, is one set up in stages. Working with ‘layers’, I kept composition in mind, then thought about how lighting would allow each item to ‘speak’ to one another.

Experimenting means trying loads of configurations until the right one reveals itself. In my case, this shot took maybe six or so attempts. The elements together speak to me by reminding me how much I love to ride; by reminding me of the beauty of a long distance trip, what it does for my mind, body, and spirit. Lastly, it speaks to the joy of photography, of creating and expressing my world through my eyes and the eyes of my camera(s).

Photographic experiments in shadows in light… this one is my first. I’m sure to post more of these mad photographic / scientific experiments in the near future!

K.L. © 2014

For more on the usage of light in your shots, click here

6 thoughts on “Photography Experiments With Light and Shadows

  1. hey there. nice to see your work. and feel your extensive energy for so many things. i’ve done a lot of photo stuff, but never thought much about lighting…or highlighting. this gives me some inspiration and some thoughts on how to improve my work. thanks for checking it out and sharing your thoughts. JT


    1. Thanks for stopping by and complimenting my work, John! You are right, I am fascinated by many things and express that fascination in a variety of ways. I feel like I’m just getting the hand of it so there’ll be much more to come! I just took a peek at your site… had to search for you though as there’s no site link to your photo. I’m inspired by you to travel more! You have many great photos and stories on your site related to those photos. Keep up the good work!


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