Night Photography: Cruising at the Speed of Light!

night photography San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge darkness light

Thinking I was ready, I never saw the cruise ship until it passed under the bridge! K.L. © 2014

When I arrived at this spot with my camera gear, light had not yet punctured the sky. I considered this a good thing; plenty of time to set up and consider what to shoot. In the midst of setting up the lights from this AWESOME CRUISE SHIP caught my eye; passing underneath the GGB  (Golden Gate Bridge) without so much as a word of warning. To say it shocked and delighted me is the understatement of the century. I can also say if I had taken thirty to forty-five seconds more to setup, I would not be showing or writing about this photo…

I am convinced more than ever by this ‘happy accident’ that if you’re going to catch stunning photographic events, those once-in-a-lifetime-happenings, you need to make your preferred camera(s) your new BFF(s). Get to know your camera and its inner workings, set up as much as possible before hand and you’ll be ready every time to create art, crazy- interesting stuff from opportunities begin and end in the blink of an eye.

Ultimately, I’m happy with this photo more for the things that happened BEFORE I pressed the button, all the lead-up, the excitement of being caught off guard, then using the situation to my benefit.

I took a number of shots that morning, many of which came out crisp, clear, studied, focused. I love those shots too, but in my mind all of them came into being because of this peek-a-boo, ultra- cool vessel emerging like a hidden leviathan from under the GGB… cruising at the speed of light!

Here’s a great spot of advice for shooting a wide range of nighttime photography situations. Just click here

Ready for a second helping? Do the clickie thing here

K.L. © 2014

10 thoughts on “Night Photography: Cruising at the Speed of Light!

    1. Thank you once again! It was an incredible early morning photo session, one I did not show up prepared for! I decided not to let it stop me from a. enjoying the moment, and b. not getting caught up in any attempts at creating perfection just enjoying the moment. Regards!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a GREAT ‘world city’ and I’ve seen a few! Something tells me you’d have a blast here… plenty of poetry slams or places where artists hangout sharing their various works, great natural beauty- the oldest trees in the world are near here… very cerebral city…lots of hills though, so traversing the cityscape expect to do some climbing, but it’s one more feature which makes it unique. Thanks too for making the time to read my remembrance of the great Robin Williams.


    2. …hmmm, seems I got my replies a little kerfluffed! All I said about S.F. remains true, you should visit. The Robin Williams bit belonged to another reply, but shows he is still in my thoughts and that’s a good thing…


          1. Right back at cha! I like your style too. You’ve got a great poet-soul and to me, you seem like someone who has ‘moved the veil back’ in order to see the truth of the world. This quality comes through in your words. Do whatever you can to nurture it and allow it to grow… it will reward you throughout your life… have a most excellent day my friend!


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