Purple Haze

dawn photography cityscape city lights

There’s a Purple Haze hangin’ o’er the City at dawn. K.L. © 2014

I call it night photography, but this one happened at the ‘change-over’, where night subtly gives herself over to the coming day. I’ve not taken too many shots of cities at this time of the day so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m pleasantly surprised with this one’s outcome.

Get to know those ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture settings. As I learn more, I find I am willing to ‘try’ things; trust the experiment to teach me one way or another. I’m never looking for perfection. Why bother? I’d much rather enjoy the discovery, learn something new, then let it pull me forward into the realm of new ideas and possibilities.

Update: I just wanted to thank my friend Rajiv for commenting on seeing Jimi Hendryx (on the screen!) singing one of his greatest songs, ‘Purple Haze’. Reminded as I am and currently back in the great city of San Francisco, it just seems wrong not to have a link to Jimi at the 1969 iconic Woodstock festival.

Check out the REAL Purple Haze riiiight here

K.L. © 2014

7 thoughts on “Purple Haze

    1. Thanks, Rajiv! Thinking back on the naming of the photo, I didn’t immediately connect the title to Jimi Hendryx. Later, as I was posting it, the name flashed in my mind. Your mentioning seeing him play ‘Purple Haze’ at Woodstock makes me want to find the video because I’ve never seen it!


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