Cruise Ship Colors Paint the Dawn Waters

cruise ship reflections morning photo

Managed to catch this one coming in to port just as the sun was rising. Colors on the water! K.L. © 2014

An early morning capture of a cruise ship coming in to port. I’ve been seeing and shooting a number of ‘firsts’ lately. First the cruise ship materializing from under the Golden Gate Bridge in an earlier post, to this beauty. While this isn’t the first time I’ve watched a cruise ship rolling across still waters on it’s way to docking, it is the first time I’ve seen it so early in the morning.

I love the quiet, the sense of something so large effortlessly gliding across the surface of a harbor as though gravity and physics meant nothing. It’s a sight to behold for sure and watching those colors moving with the water adds to the  ‘surreal- ality’ of the event.

I say it often here on this blog: I love and have always loved the water and boats. If I didn’t have a camera the morning I took this picture I still would have stopped to watch the proceedings. There’s magic in water, seas, and oceans. I feel it every time I’m near bodies of water.

I hope the people awake on board  this cruise ship as she began docking procedure made time to come out to the railing and enjoy the sight as much as I did!

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