White Swan Swims on Dark Waters

black and white photography shadows light

This beautiful swan gave paddling a rest allowing me to snap a portrait

I don’t do much black and white photography. There’s no particular reason for it. Shooting in color so often, I forget the stark beauty and contrasts black and white photos possess. I consider myself lucky this particular swan didn’t fear me. If he had, this shot could easily be something different.In actuality he seemed as curious about me and my camera as I was about him doing his thing on the water. He came in close to me numerous times and waited while I set up shot after shot.

I mentioned my current interest in exploring shadows and light in a few recent posts. What I’m finding is you get to study both these aspects at the same time in black and white shots. It’s a very immediate experience; you see right away what works,,, and what doesn’t.  I’ll do more shooting color-free in the near future because I like what came from this experiment.

It didn’t hurt to have a curious and fearless swan on my side!

more shadows and light here


and maybe here

K’lee L. ©2014

11 thoughts on “White Swan Swims on Dark Waters

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’ve just started exploring your site, but…Wow! Your photography is amazing and this one personally called out to me. My dad was a professional photographer and he always told me you could see so many more details in black and white. This photo is stunning. Especially the way the white of the swan is reflected in the dark rippling water. I think it’s a perfect example of why black and white photography is art unto itself.


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