More Sleek, Sophisticated and Sexy Exotic Cars From Santana Row!

Lamborghini superstar exotic super car racing

just too damned sexy for its own good!


Sleek, sexy,sophisticated, sensuous, surreal. Those are my top five ‘s’-based adjectives describing the exotic super cars on display at the recent Santana Row event in San Francisco. These cars get my heart beating and beating fast! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I don’t often fantasize ever owning one of these beautiful monsters. The reality of owning and maintaining a car like this is undoubtedly different from simply being an ardent fan. Even so, as I took shot after show of these stunners, I did make time to witness the looks on the faces of the owners as hundreds of admirers admired their cars. The consensus I walked away with?

Those owners EXPECT their super machines to be admired as well they should.

The last event of this nature I attended I did something I always wanted to do, I asked an owned a few questions about his super car. The owner I talked to wasn’t the actual owner! The owner of the car he bought to Santana Row was his friend and asked him to bring the car down! Can you imagine a friend asking you to drive what was by his estimates a two hundred thousand dollar prototype car to an OUTDOOR show?

…that’s a good friend in my book.

As beautiful as these cars are, I did another thing I always do at some point, I dusted a few of them with a little of my ‘graphic magic’, transforming them from ‘ordinary fantasy cars’ into the realm of virtual impossibilities!

Look for a few of my graphical super car renders soon!

OR if you’re new to my site, here are a few of my previous droolings, I mean photos of Santana Row Super cars!



and also here

K.L.© 2014

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