Shooting in the Rain


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writing on planes, shooting photos in the rain, you think the story’s finished until it begins again- K.L.©2014

It’s been a minute since I tried my hand at anything resembling a ‘writing prompt’. I’ve got several great writers found here on the WP to thank for the inspiration and the sense that starting prompts can be fun, no pressure, no editing (!), just short and to the point, whatever ya feel!

without further ado, I give you, ‘Shooting in the Rain’.

The airport hummed with people, but I saw him right away on the down escalator heading to baggage claim where I stood waiting. At six foot-five, he usually towered over everyone else. Tall, dark, and brooding, people stared openly and regularly. I have yet to see him pay any mind to the fascination others feel towards him.

He didn’t want to talk. I knew the look, the set of the jaw, the down-cast eyes from years of observation. I call it one of Deriq’s ‘skill sets’. It’s effective; he puts it to use without hesitation. We shook hands followed by a quick hug. With no luggage to claim, we headed out the door where fat raindrops dotted our clothes on the way to my illegally parked Jag.

I wanted to ask about Johanna, but didn’t. Deriq knew I would ask about her and so prepared himself, full battle armor in place long before the escalator’s descent.

“How was your flight?”

“Long, but fulfilling in a strange way. I wrote, actually finished the novel just as we began circling.”

“You never write on planes. I mean, you told me that once, a long time ago, right?”

“I can’t believe you remembered a detail like that. I’m impressed. Yes, I did tell you that, years ago when I – we both lived here. I started the flight thinking I wouldn’t, then the urge overpowered me. Before I knew it, the ‘Muse infused’ as Johanna use to-  Hey, if you’ve got time, maybe you could give me your opinion on a few things- in the book, I mean. Never understood why you prefer shooting photos to writing. You’re better at writing than I am.”

“Don’t start that bull again,” I said, spinning the car towards the autobahn and home. “I published one short story years ago and that wouldn’t have happened if my publisher sister hadn’t taken pity on me.”

“Well, you should reconsider it one day,” said Deriq, looking our the rain-splashed window at the airport fading into the coming evening. Even if you don’t, I still value your input on my stuff.”

“It’s been so long since I’ve hung out with you, man. I don’t even know what your book’s about.”

“Sure you do. It’s about you and Johanna. It’s called, ‘Shooting in the Rain’.

K.L. © 2014

2 thoughts on “Shooting in the Rain

    1. Thanks for the reblob! More and more I’m seeing the value in prompt-writing. The no editing clause is a tough one at first, but I’m learning to love it and you can too! I’d love to see what you can do with ‘Shooting in the Rain’ as a prompt!?


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