Render That Which is the Harvest Moon!

moon graphics nighttime shots

The last super/honey/harvest moon of the year deserves something special! K.L. © 2014

Been a minute since I graphic-ized a photo of mine. What better subject and photo than the recent Harvest Moon. The first of two nights of shooting, September 8th saw me doing plenty of shooting. I’ll be posting a few of those shots soon. The second night I figured I’d try taking advantage of the fact that the moon would still look full so…hey, why not?

The oddest thing was the moon’s rising location varied dramatically over the course of just two nights!

The first shots I took on the second night were sans any form of moon. It took me moving to a new spot to realize what had happened. For whatever the reason the spot I decided to stop at gave me THIS shot… go figure!

If you’ve read any of my other moon related posts, you’ll know I’ve been following ‘La Luna’ all year in an attempt to a.) learn more about night photography and b.) create a shot featuring the moon in a way I found satisfying…

I hereby pronounce myself satisfied…

… until the next time!

K.L. © 2014

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