Welcome to Gotham City

batman bruce wayne DC comics storytelling

An recent re-imagining of Gotham City, home to billionaire Bruce Wayne and that guy with the bat cape! K’lee L. ©2014

Having loaded up a recent render of the fabled comic book urban jungle called, ‘Gotham City’, I couldn’t help trying the title out as a prompt to write a bit of ‘flash fiction’.

I hereby give you, ‘Welcome to Gotham City’

Update: Gotham City as a name and a place is not my creation. Wayne Enterprises, the names Mr. Wayne and Selena Kyle aren’t figments brimming from my imagination either. I just knew enough of the characters to try the prompt including them. Eartha, of course, is named after Eartha Kitt, world renowned African- American artist and one of two women who played ‘Catwoman’ on the first television series of ‘Batman’. Members of the DC comic group hold that distinction.

Having thus given due where it is deserved, I’ll look further into whether I’m allowed to leave my post up! Let’s hope so…



“Come in.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Wayne. Your two o’clock appointment is here.”

“Thank you, Eartha. Please send her in.”

“Thank you for seeing me on such… short notice, Mr. Wayne.”

“Well, Selena, anyone able to bluff their way past the three levels of security Wayne Enterprises filters all visitors should be heard and seen. You look fantastic, by the way”

“H-How did you know my name? I mean I heard you were good, but-

“Miss Kyle, you have your methods- your exceptional beauty being one I’m sure you deploy regularly, and I have mine. I not only know who you are, but why you’ve come to see me.”

“Oh, you are good, but I’m willing to bet, hmm- let’s say a cozy, intimate sushi dinner for two at the newly opened Yashiro’s you don’t know the reason I’ve come to see you.”

Mr. Wayne, who throughout his exchange with Miss Kyle stood gazing out the fifty-seventh floor smoked glass panoramic viewed windows of his private office, walked over to his guest, gently taking both her hands in his own.

“Selena, the reason you’ve come to see me is to attempt getting me to invest in your fifteen woman strong think tank which studies the positive psychological effects cats can have on their owners. I believe the amount you had in mind was- one second, let me- ah, here it is. Eighty million dollars?”

“How did you-

“I’ve told you already, Miss Kyle,” said Mr. Wayne as he took her hands in his once again. “You have your- shall we say persuasive methods, and I have mine. Welcome to Gotham City. Oh, what time should I send Alfred to pick you up tonight?”

K’lee L. ©2014


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