When the Background Dancer Wins Over the Crowd (Before the Artist Can!)

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safe to say this background singer won over the crowd before the artist had the chance!

The photo (rendered into a graphic!)  is from the first ‘J- Pop’ show I’ve ever been to. Hey, I got invited, my camera said ‘let’s go’, so we did! I’m one of those people who actually enjoy being surprised. In this case, by a remarkable background dancer who pretty much stole the thunder of the very artist she danced for! I’m of the mind there was no nefarious deed going on. This girl simply loved dancing and loved the reaction of the crowd who tuned in on her radiance from the get-go. I’m also reasonably sure the artist she danced for/with wasn’t aware, or concerned, or a combination of the two. She seemed very well known and the audience, a good portion of them, sang her songs right along with her.

I apologize for not knowing the name of the artist this remarkable background dancer performed for OR her name. In this situation, standing there witnessing such absolute joy, it almost didn’t matter.

A toast then to any and all who own what they love! To those willing to wear their unbridled joy on their sleeve and not give a hoot who’s watching OR give a little something extra to those who ask!


So, I got to thinking- what about background (or ‘back-up!) dancers who actually go on to grab a spot of fame for themselves? The few I found on this site might even surprise a few! Take a look here

And on a little more of a serious note, check out why the life of the world’s top background dancers might not be all fun here

K’lee L. © 2014

2 thoughts on “When the Background Dancer Wins Over the Crowd (Before the Artist Can!)

  1. Really thought inspiring. Its amazing how the one who was meant to be in the background shone. Its also so nice that the singer didn’t care. Imagine how great the world would be if we weren’t threatened by others success or beauty. We’d just enjoy each other’s talents and share our own.


    1. I couldn’t agree more! This young lady shone so brightly many in the audience were as inspired as I was.

      You’re right in your imagining… if only the world could follow such an example, what a world it’d be!


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