The Break of Dawn

morning sunrise waking up appreciation panoramic city urban San Francisco coastal water bay

Watching the arrival of the dawn never gets old.
-K’lee L.

I’ve mentioned in a number of my posts I’m retraining my brain and camera finger to embrace the night. Nighttime photography is only now becoming a pursuit and something I’m learning to enjoy. Even so, my heart belongs to the dawn. I don’t often have my Nikon with me when I start the day, but the morning of this shot, well I did and here’s the result.

It goes without saying the graphics didn’t rise with the sun. It’s just a bit of creativity I also enjoy.

K’lee L. © 2014

4 thoughts on “The Break of Dawn

    1. Thank you for the comment and the support. I’m ready to see more of the world’s cityscapes!!! Many times I not only ‘see’ the compositions and light, but stories tend to suggest themselves… I’ll have to find one for this shot!


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