Mirror’d Me in a Ferrari’s Shine!

expensive cars automobiles classics speed beauty

The Cars and Croissant Exotic Car Show insisted me and my camera attend!

car show paint shine exotic auto

Car spoilers, tires, and rear lights a’ plenty along with me and my trusty Nikon!

wheels rims brakes discs cars auto exotic

These wheels are no joke. They’re built for extreme speed on any road or track.
K’lee L. ©2014

Lately, when I’m not knee deep in book editing, I’m taking advantage of the early morning hours to get in a bike ride. I say it often I know, but I’ll keep repeating it because it’s truth for me: I love the morning. The best of my energy comes to me during the first hours of the day. I find the more I honor this truth, the more it provides me in terms of energy, focus, and mental clarity.

I’ll take it!

October in San Francisco is special. The weather tends to be the best on offer than at any other time of year and like many who are ‘in the know’, it’s not to be wasted! I didn’t waste this morning as I was up and out on the bike REAL early and with my camera. I’ll post some of the beautiful dawn shots I’ve been taking over the course of the last week or so soon.

After filling the camera’s memory with cityscape shots, I headed off to one of my favorite events, ‘The Cars and Croissants Exotic Car Show’. I literally raced home, grabbed a few more essentials, spun the bike around and hit the road again in the space of ten minutes.

gotta get the early light, ya’ll!

This shot is mere minutes after my getting off the bike and prepping the Nikon. I may never own one of these beauties, but oddly enough, I never felt like I needed or wanted to. I enjoy checking them out and these days photographing them. That’ll do for now…

It’s also nice to see the event growing. More people coming out to support the show and the owners who make the time to bring their exotics out to show the public, not only free of charge, but with an offering of free coffee and croissants!

who could ask for anything more?

K’lee L. © 2014

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