Because the Night

Paint graphics colors Fall

Night returns lending rich silhouettes to the city skyline. K’lee L. ©2014

I don’t write too much poetry. I’m a song writer- so I suppose songs have their own form of poetic verse. I’m sure some people would disagree with me on this point and say song lyrics are poetry. It’s cool if you do.

Funny, I never felt any of my written songs qualified as truly poetic. What I’m finding as I grow into myself a little more each day is occasionally I take a photo, or, as is the case with this graphic made from a photo I took that morning, and find myself thinking of the ‘word-based accompaniment.

This photo of the dawn over San Francisco and the aforementioned graphic took my mind back into the night, back into what I imagined to be the ‘spirit of the night’. I don’t consider it a sinister thing, but seductive and mesmerizing? yeah, I do.

I’m feeling like there’ll be more postings like this from me. As always, I enjoyed creating it. I enjoy letting my mind wander just far enough to locate words which fit then reel it back in and commit said words to the page, digital or otherwise.

‘Because the Night’ … because it felt right!

K’lee L ©2014

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