Ground Control to…

skyline city urban landscape communication

Mankind’s first Moon base goes silent. Why? Ground Control needs to find out! Just an idea.. K’lee L.

I actually stood before this scene as the sky darkened enough for me to get the shot and let my imagination run with ideas.

For me, there are three standout structures on view here: The Moon, the Tower, and the Pyramid (under the Moon!) Together, they all seem to belong to the scene equally. Even the distance to my eye between the three felt pretty symmetrical- far apart, but because they each fit the camera frame, it’s as though they’re related in a powerful way.

Still, it was the Moon, small, bright, but obviously unreachable by say my bike, which stood out most. I found myself next thinking about the Tower and how it could be some ‘base of communication with the distant moon. What happens when two parties, separated by impossible distances, yet able to keep a constant communication, suddenly lose the connection? (can you hear me?)

‘Ground Control to …’ could be a tale of Tower technicians and their desperate attempts to reestablish contact with man’s first Moon base. The other side of the story- the Moon base, peopled with scientists, technicians, astronomers, the realized fulfillment of man’s ambition to colonize the moon.

It’s a story I will revisit soon. Why? I want to see how it turns out and it could turn out in a way that completely blows my mind! I’m learning to approach all stories with this philosophy. Knowing the ending can’t hold a candle to finding out what happens…

‘Ground Control to …’ a story of lost connections, of hope, of faith, of redemption?

…I’ll let you know when I find out!

K’lee L. © 2014


Just never know when a post or the title of a post will bear similarities to something popular by a segment of the planet’s populace! In this case, I speak of a song I honestly did not know about by an artist I do know about. I speak of the legendary artist David Bowie and his song from the late sixties, ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’. Now, I won’t say too much about what I’ve learned of the song since posting my post, but I will say I found a very cool vid of an astronaut IN SPACE, playing guitar AND singing his version of the song! If I were Mr. Bowie, I’d be all kinds of honored and amazed!

Here’s the link

what do you think?

Oh, and now that David Bowie’s been bought into the mix, I also give you his original 1969 video version of his own song

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