San Francisco Exotic Car Show: The Unassuming Classic!

automobile autos cars antiques history racing luxury

Classic lines, timeless design, priced to make you go out of your mind!

A little more goodness from The Cars and Croissant Car Show in San Francisco. I sometimes call it, ‘Santana Row’, but was corrected while taking dawn pictures atop the GGB (Golden Gate Bridge)  Santana Row is actually in San Jose to the south! The affiliation is there and I’m sure many of these owners make their way ‘down south’ when the spotlights shining on the exotics at the Santana Row show!

cars autos rides classics elegance design

sunlight gleaming in just the right places!

I have to tell you, I don’t know the name of this beauty. I could have done an exhaustive search for the data… but I’m thinking- this time it’s not necessary. The car looks classic, timeless, elegant, right? Why ruin it with a name?

steering wheel driving classic white cars

Can’t get far without a steering wheel!

I’m thinking sixties… kind of ‘James Bond-ish’. For any and all who happen to run across my little post and know the name/year of this particular car, let me know so I can let everybody else know…

headlights lamps light dark night time

Headlights unnecessary when the sun shines!

…or the suspense of not knowing will eventually overwhelm me and I’ll use ‘other(James Bond-ish) means to get the necessary data!

K’lee L. ©2014

News Flash! I’m only now finding out November twenty-second through November twenty-ninth is the San Francisco Exotic Car Show! This one’s the BIG one, one I’ve always managed to miss…

Looking over the old trusty calendar I see I might… NO, I will be there even if I have to build a robot me to- OK, here’s a link to the big show’s site. If you’re an exotic car enthusiast like moi, you’ll want to mark these dates.. Oh, the link

…thanks for reading!

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