S.F. Car Show Will Get Your Motors Running!

cars engines auto hood exotics San Francisco favorites red black silver

Engines like this are made for speed, end of story!
K’lee L.

As a service to the deeply inquisitive, the owners at the recent San Francisco Exotic Car Show popped the hoods on a number of these beauties, allowing closer inspection of their engine components.

engines metallic hood V12 carburetor speed design

The sound this car made was as gorgeous as the car itself! K’lee L.

I wouldn’t mind visiting the home factories of a number of these cars so as to see the process of their creation. When you get in close and witness the design, the complexity, and the engineering behind these cars, you develop a better understanding of what makes a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati stand out from the field.

yellow hood design bold exotic speed cars auto show

I peeked around the hood’s corner only to have the engine roar at me! K’lee L.

I mentioned before, I’ll do it again: It’s great to see so many enthusiasts showing up to view these stunning cars. It’s a great way to spend a bit of time outdoors, to learn a little more about exotics, and talk to owners and admirers about their experiences with these works of art!

K’lee L. ©2014

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