Black and White Photography: In the Still of the Night

night photography Nikon dark city urban architecture skyscrapers buildings

Not every location on Earth enjoys quiet, peaceful evenings. I am grateful for mine. K’lee L. ©2014

I took advantage of a recent evening with weather warm enough to take the camera out to shoot for a while. San Francisco is a city of architectural angles, hills(!), and water. It’s a city which all but dares you NOT to find something interesting to shoot.

I’ve talked about it in the past (postings), my preference for the dawn, the early hours, the early light of the sun. Dawn shooting remains my favorite time to put the camera through its paces, but things are-a-changing!

Back in June, I started to experiment a bit more with evening photography. My inspiration then was another topic I’ve posted about several times- The Moon.Can’t say it was easy, the getting up at what for me were ungodly hours, but perseverance can get you places wishing won’t.

My advice to those like me who have yet to learn their camera’s full nighttime capabilities, I say try it out if  shooting at night is a possibility. These days I can’t imagine not making time to occasionally use the evening for photographic experimentation. I like what I’m learning and look forward to learning even more.

For a few external tips on digital nighttime photography, check out this link

10 thoughts on “Black and White Photography: In the Still of the Night

    1. Thank you, D! I just got a new lens, one I’ve been pondering for a while now. To say the first shots taken with it have surpassed all expectations is an understatement. I’ll get some of those shots up soon. I really appreciate your stopping by and lending your support. It means a lot… Hope you’re doing better?


      1. Hanging in. The whole eating thing is just a piece of what’s on my plate, pun intended. Busy with son’s lessons and extracurriculars, and the rest of life. I appreciate the loving regards. I’d been planning to drop in a long time now. Just takes a while to make my rounds. =)



        1. Good to hear things are OK if not perfect, but then who among us lives a perfect life. Just keep doing what you’re obviously doing and things will be alright, D. You remain a start in the firmament!



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