The quiet roar

I’ve been getting to know Simon of ‘Liberian Me’. I have great respect for what he’s doing and that he keeps his head up through so many challenges in life. I hope many people will find you, my friend. I hope many will come to this post and realize your words are true: without children there is no future.

Liberian ME

It was the children who inspired me to start Liberian ME. These little heroes who curiously and enthusiastically helped me wherever I was made me realize that if we do not invest in children there is no future. my country Liberia has gone through a lot. 14 years of civil war and now ebola. each time it is the children who suffer. losing parents. forced to grow up too soon. I got the chance to grow up in Europe, experience the well-being and not worry over access to clean water or food. Things that we in the West take for granted but for many in the world are the major concern. It’s not ok. I have not the solution to the world’s poverty problems but I can not stand idly by when children suffer. I’m not doing this because I have to. I do this cause my heart do not…

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2 thoughts on “The quiet roar

  1. Surely what Simon of ‘Liberian Me’ speaks truth is: there is no future without children. I feel worried and sad in a way to know all the problems and ebola epidemic that now spreads throughout Liberia. I was in admiration of Simon ‘Liberian Me’ because he has strong hopes. I also give my compliments to him for speaking so aptly on children.


    1. I agree, Tania. Sometimes the greatest truths are so simple as to not be recognized (in the beginning!). I love that history is filled with examples of massive changes to challenging situations made by a single person with a dream and the desire to fight.


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