Here Comes the Brand New Day, Are You Ready?


Cycling Giant stretching  preparation outdoors
When a bike ride is part of my new day, stretching mind and body makes a big difference. K’lee


I talk about biking often within the pages of this blog. The main reason my bike is such a constant topic is it plays a crucial part in my physical, mental, and spiritual wake up. I don’t bike every day, but when I do, stretching is a great way for  me to get it all on track. A typical bike ride for me might cover five to fifteen miles depending on the time available. I’m grateful for the scenery, the clear air, the silence when I can get it.

Once back indoors, the rest of the day seems already aligned in the best way possible.

Whatever method you use to start your day, I say let that method be one which creates in you the best sense of readiness for the day to come. Let it stretch you physically, metally and spiritually enough to make the day a success!

K’lee L. (C) 2014










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