Thank You for Giving Obzervashunal Fifteen Thousand Hits!

morning stretching, biking the Golden Gate Bridge,

Gotta get that stretching in before tackling the GGB!

On my way out for a ride the other day, I sat having a bit of breakfast with a slice of WordPress catch up.

I’m riding more these days as some of my latest posts will attest.  I can’t say riding is making my content any better,

or gives me more ideas once back home. All I know is I feel better prepared to write and create in general and I’ll always

take that over feeling sluggish and ‘brain-fogged’.

This post however, is less to do with riding or creating than it is to just say thank you, any and all who helped  hit me up

to a whopping FIFTEEN THOUSAND hits!!!

Thank you you all for stopping by even if only for a moment, a quick glance, or to offer your support.


What’s the future hold?

If I knew that I’d… well, I’d do or not do what I found out about the future’s holding!

For the immediate, I’ll do more of what I’m readying to do in the photo above (don’t forget to stretch before you workout, people!).

I’ll keep working on Obzervashunal too. That kind of goes without saying!

More on the above photo/graphic: It’s actually part of an upcoming project inspired by both friends and family.

Once again, I thank you all and I’ll be observing YOU

here at the OBZERVASHUNAL!

K’lee L. ©2014

2 thoughts on “Thank You for Giving Obzervashunal Fifteen Thousand Hits!

    1. Lol! Absolutely! Great news all around. The first game here is Friday… It’s gonna be CRAZY! If the Giants win it here, this city will erupt… either way this is a great sports town. Hope all is well with you, my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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