The San Francisco Giants are World Series Bound!

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For the third time in five years, the San Francisco Giants go to the World Series!

I won’t attempt a game-by-game analysis detailing how the San Francisco Giants got to the World Series for the third time in five years. There are more options than I can count for excellent sports breakdown whether online or off for those looking for the fantastic details.

I remember taking this photo on the second night of the Harvest Moon. Sad to say, I didn’t know about the game happening that night,  but boy was I glad to be near the stadium! The lights,  the colors,  the boats and most of all the fans made it unreal.


I’m imagining tickets for the coming world series are either impossible to get,  are so expensive as to not make sense trying to get. What i might do is take the camera out for a game or two…  see if I can get a few shots. I’ve got a new telephoto lens so it could be the perfect storm!

Either way, San Francisco is a great city to be in when the world series is in town. I’ve been to the winning parade a few times and nice to say the love the fans give this team during home games is amplified a million times during a parade.

Hope I get to see one more!

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11 thoughts on “The San Francisco Giants are World Series Bound!

    1. Thank you for the comment on the photo! Yes, San Francisco squeeke’d in there with the ninth inning homer clinching it for the team. Hey, I wanted to ask you what you thought about picking up the writing prompt I did and adding whatever came to your mind? I’d love to see where you could take it.


    1. Not sure how many people, but judging from the acoustics I think close to full capacity! It is a magnificent stadium with or without the cheering fans, but when people are there… it becomes something awe-inspiring!


        1. Same here. Still wish I had been there. I read today there’s a bar here in S.F. that ran a live feed of the Royals fans for anyone visiting the city who wanted to have the connection… kinda cool, I think until the outcome became the outcome.

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