Dawn Photography: On Silent Waters

San Francisco bay city silhouette shadow water tanker dawn silence peaceful

The amazing scenes available for capture by rising with the Sun! K’lee L. ©2014

Another photo highlighting my love of the dawn! There’s only one way to capture a shot like this; from this angle: One must head out over the GGB (Golden Gate Bridge) and arrive with the sun, or possible a little before. The angle of the rising sun at this time of year brings it close enough to the city’s skyline as to give it this incredible silhouette as well as a few ‘extra’ dawn-like colors.

There are many places to take a camera and capture great shots here, but for me the shooting is often connected to my bike ride. An hour or two of riding followed by a break and a few pictures can make for a nice morning…

Dawn photography anywhere near the water here is special. Throw in a few boats and the composition sort of speaks for itself!

K’lee L. © 2014

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