The Call of a Silent Road

obzervashunal road bike cyclist poetry meditation peace silence

Sometimes biking makes me think, sometimes it makes me try my hand at poetry!
K’lee L. ©2014

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m no poet, BUT the more I ride my trusty bike out through silent dawn streets, the more I allow my mind to consider words, things, ideas. Riding has been a great help for my other writing projects whether music- related or novel-related. I all but expect to sit down to these projects with a much clearer head after a nice ride.

I’m no poet, but what I’m learning- and I share this bit with any and all who think about writing yet haven’t committed themselves to their dream- you don’t need a title attached to your name to experiment!

I push myself to put some of my experimental poetry here on my blog. If I get feedback, positive or no, it’s still all good… Each one of my imperfect pieces that find it’s way to these pages make me want to continue trying. The trying will only lead to more doing.

…all because of the call of a silent road…

K’lee L. ©2014

10 thoughts on “The Call of a Silent Road

  1. Here in India, my Dear K’lee, I wonder if a bike ride would give one time to reflect or commune with oneself. If it is not traffic, it is speed breakers or pot holes! All very interesting. I find quite times in Walking! Regards. 🙂

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    1. I suppose maintaining the still mind can be a challenge in any situation. Like you, I also walk quite a bit. I enjoy both equally, but do wonder how I would do with either in India. I look forward to the possibility! Regards.


        1. I thank you for the welcome! I begin my inner preparation right now. For all I have read and heard from others who have gone, India is a place requiring one to remain present in the moment… at every moment. I can understand the ‘roughness’ inherent in a place with such requirements. Add to it the climate and the plethora of languages… I can’t say I’m ready, but I’m ready!


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