More Morning Photography Experiments Turned into Graphics

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I’d love to say I learned the ability to float in this shot. Instead, I’ll just say I learned to Rise Above…
K’lee L. ©2014

If I learned how to hover in a photo it’d be some skill, huh? If I could do it, I might be tempted to do it all the time… could mean problems… scientific study… people chasing you twenty-four/seven… you know…

It’s interesting when taking certain shots we might not realize we’ve captured an effect until later in the post-processing. I’ve begun calling this the ‘floating me shot’ for the illusion a reflected shadow is playing with my right foot! I’m actually balanced on my left foot if you didn’t notice… a close look will show what I mean.

This photo, as well as the graphic done for my previous post, were taken in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts complex. If you make your way to this city, definitely check it out. If you know me, you know I’m going to recommend you check it out in the morning, with the rising of the sun.

…shadows and light… shadows and light!

I named this shot/photo ‘Rise Above’ for the aforementioned ‘floating’ aspect, but also as a reminder to all of us:

We all have the capacity to rise above our challenges, difficult/trying times, difficult people(!) so long as we never say never. I’m not saying rising above should be an easy/breezy one-two punch every time. Instead, I say just stay open to life, to whatever opportunities do present themselves for you to rise above…

…you might not start floating like I am(wink, wink!) in this shot, but hey, you never know!

K’lee L. ©2014

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