The San Francisco Giants: 2014 World Series Champions! (what a ride…)

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The road to winning the world series should come down to the last out in my humble Obzervashun!

So I knew I wanted to use this graphic I’d been working on, but didn’t know if I’d find the perfect opportunity to do so. The perfect opportunity presented itself last night via Kansas City as the San Francisco Giants took the 2014 World Series four games to three and with a final score of three to two.

Funny thing is due to conflicting interests(?!?), I only got to watch two of the seven series games in their entirety; the sixth and the final seventh. If you watched the sixth game… you know the Kansas City Royals chopped off the San Francisco Giants’ ass and handed it to them on a platter. Sorry, but they did- it was ugly…

I can’t imaging how as a team you go to sleep the night of a beating like that and actually sleep. I mean, how would you even begin to turn a ten to zero loss off in your heads? Hell, it took me some time to turn it off and I was no where near the field!

Not so odd then yesterday as I was returning home from the morning bike ride, I noticed so many long faces in the streets. Seriously, I stopped a few times just to commiserate. I wanted to shout out: ‘I feel your pain’. I didn’t though, instead I went home, prepared for work and told myself, ‘Hey, it ain’t over ’til it’s over, one more game to go’.

Five p.m. game time and I could have camped out under the evening sky at City Hall where lots of people were watching the game on a huge outdoor screen. Instead I stayed home to watch. Three games each meant the winner was in fact the winner of the series, no questions asked and if things didn’t turn out so good, I wanted to shed private tears..

All I can say is wow, what a game! Again, as in my previous post way back when the Giants made being in the series official, I said I wouldn’t try giving a breakdown of the highlights. I say the same here because there are far too many excellent sites with full fledged stats for your consumption.

All I know is I was on the edge of my seat as were many of my neighbors going by the intermittent screams and moans wafting through my open window.

I have to say I like that this series went down to the wire. It wasn’t a done deal until relief pitcher Madison Bumgarner threw his final pitch resulting in a foul which was then caught by Pedro Sandoval to end the ninth inning and hence the series.

It was an extraordinary game with the Giants’ Bumgarner showing at only twenty-five, he’s quickly becoming something of a legend in the sport!  No doubt there’s a long career ahead of him if he’s careful and respects his gifts.

Several times the telecast (actually online!) I saw feed from City Hall here in San Francisco. The crowd was something to behold from beginning right up to the end. I missed that party, but not the one happening tomorrow when the Giants are celebrated with a massive parade!

The San Francisco Giants, World Series Champions in’10, ’12, and now ’14… every two years??? maybe. Doesn’t matter. What does matter is I got to see some phenomenal baseball played by TWO GREAT TEAMS.

The Kansas City Royals have nothing to be down on themselves for. They took the Giants all the way to a final and decisive seventh game on their home turf. The game could have gone either way. I don’t think too many would argue the point.

… So the Giants will celebrate back home tomorrow… hopefully I’ll have a few parade shots comin’ at cha soon!

K’lee L. ©2014

12 thoughts on “The San Francisco Giants: 2014 World Series Champions! (what a ride…)

  1. ah, we finally disagree but agree! i’m a diehard baseball fan, but a lifelong dodgers fan. i became one when my family moved to the USA and i read a book about the world series and immediately fell in love with the brooklyn dodgers and hated the yankees and giants. i’ve written a lot of posts about baseball; and my love of it. all that being said, totally applaud and respect the giants. here’s to going at it again next year! though, between you and i, i really want the cubbies to win the world series. it will be epic!


    1. Interesting fact for me: It was my late mother’s absolute passion and love for the N.Y. Yankees that first made me ‘notice’ baseball as a kid. Coming to San Francisco years ago again it was the initial enthusiasm I witnessed in the Giant fans here that made me curious. I’ve only recently, in the past years seen my first live game, which of course gave me the feeling my mother’s spirit and love of the game was there with me. That was very powerful.
      These past three wins for S.F. found me watching, cheering, and attending two of the three victory parades. Again, the fans for this team are rock solid, die-hard fans to the end! It’s such a great thing to witness and be a part of.
      I guess that’s at the heart of me respecting anyone who supports their team throughout the season, and yes, I agree with you- if Chi-Town won the series… man, I kinda wouldn’t mind being there to witness it too!


      1. There’s a great book bout the relationships between parents and their kids and the passing down of sports allegiances that your mother’s passion reminded me of; i’ll send it to you once I remember the name 😃


        1. Oh, I’m absolutely interested! What a great idea for a book.
          You’ve also got me thinking about a time when I was about ten or so. I took a wood shop class at my school and decided for my mother’s birthday that year I’d make her a Willie Mays plaque. I don’t think I was ever so nervous or fearful of getting something wrong in my young life.
          On her birthday, I gave her the gift and I don’t suppose I’ll ever forget her reaction, how much she loved it and exclaimed over it.
          Me being we, I got totally embarrassed, but at the same time loved that she loved it. It’s a very special memory.


  2. That is so incredibly moving; and what a special and poignant memory!! I am on my way back to San Francisco in the middle of an epic roadtrip. So I am taking a quick timeout before gettinf back on the road. Mount Rushmore tomorrow, then a bee-line home. I’ll find the book then! 😃


    1. Thanks so much for making the time to find it, Cecil. Hope your trip was as awesome as it sounds! I’m a little jealous, but I know my time will come when it comes. I’m not sure yet where I’ll travel to next, but where ever it is, I plan to enjoy it!


      1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I am back in Sausalito for a day before flying out to Thailand, but wanted to get this book rec to you. “Baseball as a Road to God”. It’s by an NYU professor about the Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, and baseball and religion/spirituality in general, but even more important the relationship between parents and their children using baseball as a subtext. Please let me know if you’re able to read it and your thoughts. Have a happy new year!!


        1. Cecil! Thank you so much for this gift! I will find it and give you my feedback… I know I’ll get lots from it.

          Have a great time in Thailand… wish it was me too, but I’ll have to wait!

          Wishing you and your family the best possible New Year and again, I thank you from the heart, my friend.



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