Rainy Halloween Fridays: Perfect For a S.F. Giant’s World Series Parade!

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I can’t tell you the last time I waited ‘several’ hours in the rain for a parade, but oh baby, THIS was worth every rain drop!
K’lee L.

We’re having a drought here in California. We are in need of RAIN so Mother Nature chose the day of the San Francisco Giants’ World Series Parade to let it rip. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Rain, even the light variant we were given tends to thrown many folks living here into a funky head space because it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

With the rain remaining a constant focal point, the parade made its way down Market Street to the roar of the truly inspired and vocal crowd. I can at least say I found myself a plum spot to use that new telephoto zoom lens I told you about a few posts ago.

San Francisco showed up in Halloween costumes and every variation of Giant’s orange and black you could imagine.

Here then are a few of my photos of the event, and it was every bit the event! I’m glad the rain eased a small portion of the drought and the parade eased a small portion of the parade-goers’ desire to cherish their favorite baseball team.

K’lee L. ©2014

10 thoughts on “Rainy Halloween Fridays: Perfect For a S.F. Giant’s World Series Parade!

    1. Oh, oh! I meant what I said in my first- well second World Series post, the Kansas City Royal shouldn’t be down on themselves. They did an OUTSTANDING job from beginning to end of the series. It could have gone either way and San Francisco just happened to get the ‘nod of the baseball gods’.


      1. We’re very proud of our Royals! At the beginning of the season, we were hoping not to lose 100 games! It was a great run and a great series to watch! Cheers to the Giants! Great team!


        1. It’s a known fact throughout baseball the level of support and pride you guys give to your K.C. Royals. Teams need that as much as they need anything else. I have no doubt the love I saw curve-balling through the rain towards the Giants is easily matched by you and other fans of the K.C. Royals. Cheers to a GREAT team, indeed!

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    1. Didn’t know about the Duck Boats until now! Pretty cool. We have something called, ‘City Safari Tours’ that look a lot like these…

      Yes, it was a GREAT series. I followed the whole thing, but only saw the last two from start to finish. Talk about drama!


    1. I know! I’m sort of the same with European football… what we call soccer. My brother has always been a big fan of Manchester, but he’s had to explain a few things to me more than once!


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