Morning Photography: Watching the Birth of an Epic Dawn

clouds sky fire atmosphere San Francisco Bay ocean dawn morning outdoors

I don’t know what was going on behind this sky, but there were plenty people captivated by the show… including me!
K’lee L.

I’ve come to expect beautiful dawn clouds here in the San Francisco. It’s one of the benefits of living by the water, the atmospherics! What I didn’t expect to see was this sky, full of fire and light. The sun’s angle washed everything with a layer of reds, golds, and oranges that kept changing every few minutes.

It’s great to see a good number of people doing the same thing I did; stopping to admire nature’s uniqueness, her ability to awe and inspire.

This shot happened on Friday, Halloween morning; also the morning of the S.F. Giant’s parade. Fifteen minutes after taking this shot, the entire show turned itself off, the sky clouded over, and fat rain drops started to fall.

Real Weather!

The rain remained and I did get a little wet riding home, but it was worth it and it did lead to a bigger celebration later on in the day.

Epic dawns… you never know when looking up will prove worth the head tilt!

17 thoughts on “Morning Photography: Watching the Birth of an Epic Dawn

    1. Thanks, Gordy! I’m not sure what was going on in the heavens that particular morning, but boy am I glad I was there and had means to snap it! Funny thing is the photo couldn’t show how much the light all across the sky kept changing! It was CRAZY!


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