Morning Photography: Dawn’s Birth Revisited

morning photography dawn lights gold red orange yellow sky

It never gets old or less that extraordinary for me, Nature at her finest.
K’lee L.

It’s true, it never gets old for me- the beauty of the sun rising through the early morning sky. This photo is another case of being in the right place to take advantage of something totally unexpected.

I’d been out early morning (like three-thirty-early!) photographing the recent ‘Hunter’s or Blood Moon’. If you’ve read any of my previous posts concerning Moon photography, you’ll know my course of study stretches back to April of this year, through June, September, and October.

Those photographic experiments taught me lots when it came to the ‘hows and whys’ of getting the right show in challenging conditions.

Back to this photo then, dawn found me elated with all the Blood Moon shots I took, but slightly exhausted too. As I headed home the part I didn’t expect was a lightening of the sky into what you see in this shot.

Needless to say, I put the exhaustion aside for a minute and got the Nikon back out for a few more snaps.

Nature, especially what she can do at dawn never gets old or maybe it’s just the fascinated kid in me always looking for her to offer inspiration!

K’lee L. ©2014

12 thoughts on “Morning Photography: Dawn’s Birth Revisited

    1. It felt unreal! Believe me, it was hard taking photos will all that happening in front of me, but at least when I looked around me there were other people with the same shocked and amazed look on their faces!

      Hope all is well?



      1. All is well. Although, do you have days when you’re just kind of bleh? I did today, it could just be the gloomy weather. Can’t exactly describe it.


        1. Good to hear you’re doing alright and yes, I do have those days too! I just try stepping back and letting go of what I think I’m ‘suppose to’ be doing so LIFE can whisper a few hints!


    1. Thanks, Joshi. It was such an amazing morning with the camera staring at three-thirty until I took this shot at seven or so… don’t think I’ll be needing another session like that for quite some time!


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