More Morning Photography: Right Before the Rain!

clouds rain storm fire weather sea tide ocean morning dawn

It’s because I stood watching this scene in awe longer than I should have… well, it started to RAIN!
K’lee L. ©2014

The only post processing this photo saw was a little added contrast. Adding contrast to a photo will usually darken thing a bit, but in this case, not too much. Otherwise, this is the view my eyes took in this past October thirty-first as the sun danced its way through the dawn.

Funny, calling it a ‘light show’ seems to somehow UNDER represent the theatrics on display in the heavens that morning. I mean moments before I hit the button on this shot, the entire sky was a brilliant orange…preceded by pinks and yellows… wow.

I kind of wish now I had thought to video the whole experience, but luckily I took enough pictures at different intervals to capture all the colors the sky produced.

Such an inspiring force nature is, huh? At least I know it inspires me each time I make time to stop and appreciate her. I only wish there were more actual storms… you know with rain and wind and lightning…

There are plenty thing to be grateful for weather-wise here in California, but alas- lightning storms is not one of them. It’s alright though, I’ll take morning like this one where the sky looks like it’s going to open up enough to send some people running for cover.

Me, I’ll take it. Bring on the wind, rain, thunder and lightning. It’s only a storm after all!

K’lee L. ©2014

14 thoughts on “More Morning Photography: Right Before the Rain!

  1. This is incredibly beautiful!
    what part of California?
    I am staying here at the minute, in the Marin County hills (San Anselmo).

    Spectacular natural beauty is without comparison and appreciating it is in fact the key to happiness!


    1. I agree! It’s easily one of the most incredible beginnings to a morning in my recent memory. It was taken in San Francisco, not too far from you. I’m so grateful to have been a kid surrounded by natural beauty: forests, the ocean, even a man-made sand dune! and yes, gratitude and appreciation is the key to happiness!


        1. Ha! I know what you mean. I got tired of missing so many or of my phone’s camera not showing me what I saw… This morning had a good amount of fog… I appreciate the fog best when it’s either rolling in over the distant hills or is being broken up by the rising sun…


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