Tiger, Tiger! Zoo Photography Just Until I’m Shooting in the Wild!

graphics imagination tiger eyes colors nature wild Africa Siberia Sumatra Bengal India

I didn’t even ask this tiger for a pose… I guess it just came naturally!
K’lee L. ©2014

This graphic of one of the tigers at the San Francisco Zoo came about because of the telephoto lens I wrote about in a previous post. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to get too close to this guy (gal?) if given the opportunity, so a telephoto lens is a must.

Until I actually view tigers in the wild whether it be Africa, India, Siberia, or any other locale where they can still be viewed, the zoo will have to do.For this guy (I’m just gonna call him…a GUY!), I had to wait about forty-five minutes while he took a warm afternoon nap. Cats like to do this so I used the time to check out other animals.

Once I returned, he was up and about getting his run on for all the people marveling at his magnificence.

Me? I waited and watched. Little by little he started  ‘doing things’. I mean he started doing things that big cats … possibly all cats do. For instance, he would run a bit, then stop. He’d play with a big red ball for a bit, then stop.

I took this shot as he plopped down for a grooming session. Tigers have to take care of their fur just like other cats. At one point he stopped, obviously hearing something which made his ears twitch and that’s when I snapped his photo.

Me and my graphics! I like doing them- making them from photos or from ‘scratch’. Fortunately, this guy is so beautiful and chose to sit down in a spot with a nice stone background, there wasn’t much to change. I like to over-saturate many of my graphics to give the impression well, of extra color and vibrancy and stuff…

Photograph or graphic, I like this tiger just the way he is… unless he’s a she… ’cause then I’d say I like HER just the way she is!

K’lee L. ©2014

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