Morning Photography: Waiting in the Clouds, an Exercise in Patience!

photography clouds fog San Francisco Marin Headlands

Two minutes before taking this shot… I was FREEZING!
K’lee L.

Sometimes good things do come to those who wait, even if waiting in this instance meant being surrounded by cold, wet fog! It really was kind of miserable mere minutes before I took this photo, but I never stopped thinking I’d get a shot or two worthy of the temperature drop.

OK, it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was cold and every other person I saw had the good sense to wear some form of a jacket in anticipation of said cold and wet…except me…  I imagine I wasn’t the only one thinking those thoughts.

Sometimes as a photographer, you know you’re going to wait. You know the shot that’s coming will be so worth it that Mother Nature’s challenges couldn’t possibly dissuade you…

yeah, right…

Suffice it to say I wasn’t dissuaded, at least not so much that I spun my bike around and pedaled off to an area a little less ‘environmentally challenged’. I remained where I was, protected my camera as the fog/cloud washed over and around me.

Nature is truly something. I got to stand inside a cloud and watch zero visibility become THIS.

Not a bad day’s work… cold, but not bad!

K’lee L. ©2014

12 thoughts on “Morning Photography: Waiting in the Clouds, an Exercise in Patience!

  1. Gorgeous! The sun literally burning off the fog. Your pictures are so beautiful but beyond that I love that they are in the Bay Area. You make our special corner of the world even more stunning.


    1. Thank you, thank you, and on behalf of the Bay Area, I thank you again! I really am grateful and feel blessed to live here. Many of my photos happen while I’m on bike rides so I feel like Mother Nature is always giving me gifts for the road…

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    1. Hey mojoshawn! Thanks for the compliment, my friend. I wish I could reproduce the thirty minutes leading into, the actual ‘parting of the clouds’, and me all awe-struck biking home thinking, ‘what in the world just happened to me?’ I’ll never complain about fog again and we get lots of it here in San Francisco!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve experienced a few moments in my life when nature has said “check this out Shawn!” They definitely enrich one’s soul. Very humbling yet empowering at the same time. I look forward to seeming more of those moments through your lenses eye!


    1. There are few phenomena in nature I’ve witnessed more impressive than San Francisco fog rolling over the hills! I never tire of it…

      Thanks for making time to view and comment!


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