Tiger Tales: ‘While You Were Sleeping, I Visited a Few of Your Friends…’

zoo animals wild  San Francisco  photography fotographie

Having caught my new tiger friend taking a nap, I decided to check out a few of his buddies! K’lee L.

I took the photo of the tiger in this ‘collage’ shot on a second go-round the zoo grounds. The first time I paid a visit to his yard, he was sound asleep. I had his permission to wake him, but thought it bad manners. Tigers need their naps like everyone else. Instead, I headed out and about the San Francisco Zoo to get a few shots of some of his friends.

They all cooperated, giving me awesome pictures to add to this collage. I wish I could show them the final outcome, but none of them like speaking out loud for all the obvious reasons!

As you can see from the tiger shot, by the time I returned he’d finished his nap and was up and going… and smiling! (I think that’s a smile…)

I don’t get to the zoo often, but camera or no camera, I’ll be back.

The tiger made me promise!

K’lee L. ©2014

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