Corrinna Says: ‘Without Lady Lions, There’d Be No Lion Kings!

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Lionesses are lions too says the very smart Corrinna! K’lee L.

I spent some time recently with my friend Cory at his place in Berkeley, California. While we talked, I could hear the movie, ‘Lion King’ playing in a back room. When the movie finished, Cory’s very smart three year-old daughter, Corrinna approached me from around a corner. She had a very important bit of data for me.

She said:

‘K’lee, did you know without lady lions, there wouldn’t be any lion kings?’

Her comment caught me so off guard, I became something I rarely am… speechless. (Her father did what he ALWAYS does at such times…he laughed!)It didn’t take long for me to join in…

Corrinna’s not known for allowing me more than a few moments to reply to her questions. It could be she doesn’t necessarily need me to reply as much as she needs to simply dispense her truth. She was happy enough to move on and let me off the hook. Besides, her mom Alicia (who was also getting her giggle on!) had her favorite walnut butter and apricot jam sandwich waiting for her in the kitchen.

Once back home, I figured I owed it to Corrinna to make a lioness graphic… in honor of all the lionesses who’ve bought lion kings into the world.

…you know who you are…

…thank you…

K’lee L. ©2014

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