Greeting the Morning With … Gratitude.

Morning day dawn thankful grateful prayer hope faith

Find a way to give thanks for every morning you open your eyes… because each morning is a GIFT.
K’lee ‘l.

I call the photo/graphic up there, ‘Morning Salutations’. It’s my way to remember to treat each morning with as much respect and gratitude as I can muster.

Do I always succeed? Is every morning a perfect morning?

For some maybe. For me – no and I don’t expect them all to be. What I do expect from myself is that I keep trying, keep believing, keep having the faith I’ll find reasons to continue being grateful.

Here’s hoping you, wherever you are in life find reason every morning to be grateful.

K’lee L. copyright 2014

4 thoughts on “Greeting the Morning With … Gratitude.

    1. Much thanks to you, Shawn. More and more I find it setting the tone each day to the point where I feel a little ‘stuck’ after waking when I forget!

      I have the feeling you too live a life of gratitude… I get that from your fantastic writing. (still hoping to see that ‘tome’ on Panda’s adventures one day!)

      …grateful for each day, grateful to have found people like you…


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