Dawn Photography: An Ocean of Violets and Blues…

dawn photography ocean suft moon clouds sun beauty nature sand surf

Hard to believe it’s a dawn shot… with a little ‘moon magic’ thrown in for good measure!
K’lee L.

I talk about the dawn and the morning in general A LOT here on this blog. I don’t suppose it’ll change any time soon- I’m so thoroughly a ‘morning guy’. It must be the first thing I asked God to etch into my DNA before starting this life!

I’ve been fortunate to have done some travel out and about in the world and each place I’ve been whether it was Japan, Mexico, Vancouver, Hong Kong, New York, the Philippines to name a few- the coastlines of these beautiful places spoke to me first. I felt right at home in each of them.

This shot was yet another instance in the power of waiting, waiting for the sky, the light, the surf to compose themselves in a way that spoke to me and my trusty Nikon.I didn’t mind waiting and walking mainly because I always come away from a trip to the ocean with a much clearer head and a smile on my face.

If I have to wait anywhere, there’s no place I’d rather it happen than on the beach… at – you guessed it- DAWN. I like to think the photos I took on this particular morning were all worth it, but this one- with a little added color and ‘moon magic’ thrown in, quickly became my favorite.

Another thing I mention here often is my love for the color blue. I’ve always been drawn to it and in my mind it’s just one more way I’m physically, emotionally, and spiritually connected to the sea…

…and storms… but that’s another photo and another story!

K’lee L. ©2014

20 thoughts on “Dawn Photography: An Ocean of Violets and Blues…

    1. I so appreciate your comment!!! I seem of late to gravitate to places in my immediate environment at ‘the right time’. I have no doubt my desire to utilize the camera more is part of the reason I’ve been present for some shots, but I’m equally sure something much bigger is at play and I’m here to play along!


    1. Hi! Right back at you, keep up the great work. Yes, there’s always been and always will be something supremely special about the dawn for me. I consider myself very lucky to have captured this particular cloud configuration!

      Hope you have the best of Holidays too!



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