Nighttime Photography: The Spectacular Grace Cathedral (Bring Your Climbing Shoes!)

churches cathedral faith architecture night photography

San Francisco’s spectacular Grace Cathedral. Prepare to do some climbing to see it!
K’lee L.

I’m reminded with this photo of being on a train going from Bavaria (Southern Germany) to Holland years ago. As the train pulled into Cologne, Germany, there silhouetted by the setting sun stood an incredible Gothic cathedral. The train conductor, noting the look on my face proudly told me it was the Koln ( the German spelling-minus the accent mark over the ‘o’) Cathedral, largest in all Germany. It really was a jaw-dropping experience to see it shadowed by the sun…

Fast forward a ‘few’ years and here, at the top of Masonic Street in San Francisco stands an equally impressive Neo-Gothic cathedral named, ‘Grace Cathedral!

It is for me a structure both beautiful and inspiring from just about any angle. I could fill several posts with words about the interior, but I won’t…this time. What I will do is leave this little link sharing some information about its history and storied past.

Grace Cathedral is a beautiful Episcopal cathedral. If you visit San Francisco, I highly recommend a visit day or night. Be sure to bring your climbing shoes…

K’lee L. ©2014

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