Evening photography: Where Surfers Surf the Waves Incandescently!

ocean tide surfer sea dusk sunset waves light

Probably the only time I’ve been at the ocean at dusk and beheld a surfer getting his…SURF ON!
-K’lee L.

I just don’t get out to the ocean for sunsets too often. If you’ve read any of my posts concerning said ocean, you’d know my time of day is DAWN (I never tire of saying it… sorry) .

So what drew me out of my comfort zone enough to make the trip to the ocean on this particular evening you ask?

THE MOON, of course!

Again, if you’ve read some of my previous postings you may have come across one (or several as it were…) where I spoke of my desire to learn how to shoot the moon properly. With a whole series of ‘Honey Moons’ and a ‘Harvest Blood Moon’ thrown into the mix this year, I found myself spoiled for nighttime photographic choices.

So, just how did the moon did play a part in this shot? It was actually out of frame just behind some tree tops behind me, respectfully letting the sun finish its dramatic descent under the horizon before launching itself into the evening sky in full, brilliant glory.

I considered myself quite the fortunate guy to capture the setting sun over the water and the coming of the full moon on the same evening. Little did I know some surfers tend to know exactly when to hitch up their boards and beat a path down to the water to catch proper ‘hang time’. The waves were sizable and frequent- perfect for the surfer who needs say a hundred before calling it a night!

I managed to capture a good number of surfer shots that evening. This is one of my favorites both for what the surfer is doing and for what the sunlight is doing behind him.

I tell you, I’m slowly learning, while dawn remains ‘heaven on earth for me, my trusty Nikon is showing me the photographic promises inherent in the evening sky as well!

K’lee L. ©2014

4 thoughts on “Evening photography: Where Surfers Surf the Waves Incandescently!

    1. Thank you so much! I laugh to think how hard it was in the beginning of my ‘transition from strictly morning photography’ to making myself venture out with the camera in the evenings! Your comment means a lot…



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