Graphics: Riders on the Storm!

graphics photography cycling storms danger excitement

Can’t say I’ve ever been a ‘rider in the storm’, but who knows… one day I might! – K’lee L.

It’s been a week of on again, off again rain here in the Bay Area. The rain’s needed, we all know it, so I for one didn’t complain. In my way of thinking, the one weather phenomenon we could use more of are storms- the ones with bold blasts of lightning and rumbling bouts of thunder.

‘Riders on the Storm’ is one of my fantasy graphics- a’what would it be like if…’ well, if we actually had storms here AND if I were crazy enough to get out in that storm on my bike for an impromptu ride over the GGB (Golden Gate Bridge!)

Probably best to just stick with the rain!

K’lee L. © 2014

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