More Morning Photography: The Surfer’s Paradise

surfer paradise morning dawn sea ocean surfboard wet suit

It’s not just about getting into the water, it’s getting into the water at the RIGHT SPOT!
– K’lee L.

As I took a good number of shots on this windy and wave-filled morning, I figured I’d hoist another to the mast! Alright, no ships were involved, just a couple of surfers I watched arrive at the ocean and quickly head to what I can only assume was the ‘right section of beach’ to catch the perfect wave(s).

I’m convinced most of these guys and girls weren’t surprised by the water conditions. If you love something, you oftentimes do the math; the homework, in this case checking out the weather reports probably isn’t a bad idea for knowing when the tide is high? That’s not to say some simply showed up and said: ‘Yeah! I’ll take it. Good thing I just happened to have my board with me!’

Maybe the next time I head to the ocean hoping to catch the waves (with my camera!) I’ll check on the weather first… or maybe not!

K’lee L. ©2014

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