Morning Photography: A Sailboat, Surfer, and a Killer Wave!

sailboat surfer sea sunrise salty waves water sun fun beach

Keep that camera at the ready! You never know when all the elements just come together in front of your eyes.
-K’lee L.

This post begins with a mighty shout-out to edb316n who after checking out his site and getting a few excellent tips, has me considering doing what this guy in the photo is doing… one day soon! I whined to Ed a bit over the COLDNESS of the water here in Northern California, but it’s why the guy in the photo’s wearing a wet suit, I suppose. Ed’s wearing one too in his gravatar shot, plus take a look at what he’s JUMPING OFF of!

This photo was taken within the same week as a previous surf-related shot that happened at sundown. Both sessions are something of a first for me; session built on getting to a location THEN making the best of what that location had to show me. In the evening shots, I was there to shoot the sunset along with the full moon. The surfers were an added bonus.

One of the things photography in general has taught me of late is to always have the camera ready. For instance, I got here to the ocean and this surfer was one of about forty dotted throughout the water. I figured I was ‘ready enough’, there’d be plenty activity in the water to shoot. I could have done what I sometimes do which is to put the camera down and simply be a spectator. I did spectate a while until these elements sort of just came together in my viewfinder. Keep in mind with ‘sport or action’ photography, rapid fire or continuous shooting mode will give you a burst of shots to choose from instead of just the one. I wouldn’t shoot surfers without it!

I try to shoot what I enjoy. It usually means I pay more attention to the subject and I find I’m willing to be extra patient as those perfect elements compose themselves in front of my trusty Nikon!

The sailboat, the surfer, and the killer wave… OK, not exactly KILLER, but nice enough to lend itself to a well- composed shot, based on three cool parts. More to come!

K’lee L. © 2014

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