Morning Photography: A Sudden Ray of Light

photography dawn morning light clouds ocean boats colors blue gold Nikon observation

…another lesson in keeping the eyes open and the camera in the ready position! -K’lee L.

One more for the ‘photography lesson book’: Keep the camera and your eyes in the ready position at all times. You just never know what can and often will happen.

It this case, the morning began completely cloudy, not a bit of sun filtering through anywhere. I figured I had a least a few decent earlier shots and began making ready to pedal home. Ten seconds at most was all it took for the sky to change from all clouds to THIS.

Oddly enough, there was a photographer near me with a pretty nice setup who DID wait. He seemed to either know something I didn’t or simply decided to wait with the coming dawn. Needless to say his patience earned him more opportunities to shoot and later choose from more photos taken than me, but I’m learning that getting one shot you can be happy with is sometimes enough.

I say it often, San Francisco tends to get interesting atmospherics year- round. It is without doubt one of the great ‘sky photography’ locales of the world, or highly ranked among those places in the world I’ve been fortunate to visit or in some cases live.

A sudden ray of light can happen anytime and anywhere. Capturing a worthwhile shot of it,well that might require a quick eye, a quicker hand, and a little more patience than normal!

K’lee L. ©2014

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