Does Struggle Give Life Meaning and Happiness?

I’ve already let Zach, the author of this very powerful post know how much his words meant to me. I asked him to reblog the post in hopes one or three or a thousand other people read it and are inspired as I am.

Excellent job, Zach!

zach spanton

“Embrace the struggle when it’s all you can see. Words only come to life when you believe.”
– Memphis May Fire

I mean think about it. What if you were to read a story about Joe the happy farmer and all Joe did throughout the telling of his life was live happily, get married, have children, work his joyful job which he loved, and do other trivial little things that made him happy? Joe the happy farmer never encountered strife nor conflict. He simply lived his happy little farmer life until he eventually died. Well, I think this would be pretty boring. I doubt you’d finish the book. You might make it a quarter, or even halfway through and wonder when something exciting, or synonymously, bad might happen to Joe. But, alas, it would never show up, and you’d be left with a very bland book that you for some…

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