Photographing Living Color: The Peacock’s Power

San Francisco Zoo animal birds wild colors blue green yellow tropical shy

If there’s one bird in all the world that MUST know how beautiful it is… come on, don’t hide it!
-K’lee L.

Right. They MUST know how incredible they look, don’t you think? I’ve yet to see a single person witness one of these magnificent birds put on a display and not take a moment to… be awed. I do it, and will continue to do it every time it happens near me. Why? Well, even with this guy (and THIS time I say guy ’cause only the guys get the bold colors) seeming to hide his head in his feathers, I still know (as did all the people near me when I took the photo!) what a peacock who wants to be seen is capable of showing both the females he’s trying to entice and possible all we humans who just like to admire beauty for beauty’s sake.

As is the case with many of the photos I take, this one got me thinking of the ‘human equivalent’ of daring to reveal your light, be who you are, express yourself fully…

I don’t mean show it off so much as simply be YOU. Wear and cherish the gifts you’ve been given. You never know who might stop to admire you just for being you… ?

K’lee L. ©2014

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