In Honor of My ‘Z’ Spot

moon Hunter's Moon dawn Nikon San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge fantasy  imagination painting photographie fotographie

Named, ‘Hunter’s Moon Rising’ (here on the WP!) as I did quite a bit of freezing and pedaling to get those moon and bridge shots! -K’lee L.

Ah, the ‘Hunter’s Moon Rising’. One more of the ‘composite shots’ I love creating, this one built around the recent event called the ‘Hunter’s Moon’, or full moon back in September at the time of the Vernal Equinox.

For those who have kindly read (thanks!) some of my previous ‘moon shot’ posts, you might recall how I’ve been chasing the moon well, just about all year. The nighttime sky this year managed to provide so many great photographic opportunities, I took it upon myself to not only get out with my camera to shoot some of them, but also use them as an excuse to really learn the ‘ins-and-outs’ of nighttime photography- something my love of the dawn and all things morning use to make extremely challenging.

The toughest part of putting this composite ‘fantasy’ shot together was the morning bike ride/mountain climb to get the bridge shot before the sun came up and ruined things- not that the sun rising is a BAD thing, I just knew I wanted a photo of the…DAWN right before the sun poked its head up above the horizon.

So, with moon shots accomplished, (during a four hour shoot in the ‘brisk’ morning hours) and bridge shot done in slightly better temps, the fantasy became reality!

As the title of this piece states, this one is a tribute to my ‘Z’ spot. ‘Z’ representing my online shop over at Zazzle. I’ll mention again (as I did in my first Zazzle-related post), there’re not too many products YET… but they’ll happen just as this OBZERVASHUNAL spot did… a little at a time.

Oh, I do have a couple things up using this ‘Hunter’s Moon’ image thingy… take a look if you’re so inclined. If nothing else comments are always welcomed!

K’lee L. © 2014

21 thoughts on “In Honor of My ‘Z’ Spot

  1. Well, not only are you an excellent photog, you must be extremely fit! This is one fine shot. I may use it in one of my posts, if you don’t mind 🙂


  2. Thanks, Shery! I don’t know about ‘extremely fit’… more like extremely determined (at times) to get the right shots, LOL!
    As before, please let me know what you’ve got in mind and like before I’ll be more than happy to pingback your post here.

    Hope you have an incredible holiday if I don’t hear from you before they’re over!


    1. It’s an important issue and one that hopefully many more people will become aware of through posts such as yours. I have the feeling if more people could see how ivory poachers actually go about getting the ivory there’d be a lot more noise. Let’s hope China’s decision causes more than a few ripples in the consciousness of the world.


  3. I was jumping through other blood of people who liked a post of mine and then looking through some of their people. I came across this piece you did. It is so well done and through your life I am sure this is one you will come back to which will remind you of where you were at this stage in your life – as I do with my music and poetry. Some pieces are anchors. You had to work for the shot you wanted. It didn’t come easy. Have a good life, and to thine own self, be true.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this gift, SonniQ! I agree with you, some pieces do anchor us and provide points of reference to our expression. I look forward to discovering your music and poetry and would ask you: Is there any particular piece you would consider a major anchor in your life?


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